The Farm “Le Masche”

Located in Levone in the heart of high Canavese, Azienda Agricola Le Masche is a family-runbusinessin a close connection betweenpassion for the winemakingcanavesantradition and innovation.

In the 4 hectars of vineyard, saved over from the growing of the wood in Levone and Rivara hills, Azienda Agricola Le masche produces wine with the attention to the sustainaibility of production processes and respect for the environment. The purpose is simple: to make a wine that reflects the terrain peculiarities with its flavour and aroma, the vignerons excitement for every florescence and the care put in each vineyard line.

The choice of grapevaritieshasfocused on authoctonegrapes: Barbera Freisa Nebbiolo Neretto and Chatus.

Azienda Agricola le masche

The name “LE MASCHE” is inspired by a witch trial against four levonesi women Antonia, Francesca, Bonaveria and Margarota suspected of witchcraft by the inquisitor Francesco Chiabaudi in 1474. Antonia De Alberto and Francesca Vigone were burnt alive near the shores of Malone stream,Bonariva was still in jail in 1475, while Margarota Braja escaped from the prisons of Rivara Castle.

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