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Our history

Le Masche is a farm, born in 2007, in Levone in the heart of high Canavese, from the desire of the young Lorenzo, still a boy but moved by a great passion for his territory and viticulture.
In 2013 after finishing his agricultural studies, he decided to invest in a concrete way in this experience of his life by creating his cellar.
Lorenzo with ambition every day constantly follows all the phases of the production cycle of the vineyard and the cellar always focusing on the search for quality and image that in wine can reflect the characteristics of its territory.
He believes and tries to enhance as much as possible all the denominations of the DOC Canavese, making sure to express as much as possible the qualitative properties of the vineyards and the wine.

streghe di levone

Why Le Masche…….?

A strong bond with the territory also in the choice of the name to which it is inspired.

The story is inspired from what’s realy happened in 1474; a trial instituted against 4 women of Levone accused and condemned of witchcraft by the inquisitor Francesco Chiabaudi; on 7 November 1474 Antonia and Francesca were executed at the stake while Bonaveria in 1475 was still prison and Margarota Braia is believed to have escaped from Rivara castle prisons.


8 hectares of vineyards distributed in the hilly foothills of the high Canavese between the municipalities of Levone and Rivara.


The most representative grape variety is Nebbiolo, that can be found especially in “Gaiarda” located on the south-east side of Rivara hill where we find a characteristic sandy and gravelly soil. This side is characterized from ventilated and mild climate all year, this gives greater health and maturation of the grapes.

The historic vineyards

The historic and oldest vineyards are located on Rivara hill in locality “vigna Grande” and “vigna Veja” where the main grape varieties, Barbera, Freisa, Uva rara, Neretto and Chatus produce the DOC Canavese.

The steep vineyards

The Barbera, Pinot and Cortese vineyards are in the municipality of Levone, on the east side of the mountain Sepegna towards the hill of Pescemonte.
The vineyards are characterized by the presence of tuff rocks that capture the color during the day and release it at night.